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Warming Miso, Shiitake Mushroom & Ginger Congee

Our warming Miso, Shiitake Mushroom & Ginger Congee is our take on the traditional Chinese dish that is supportive for postpartum recovery and for a comforting warm and nourishing meal when unwell.

In TCM, congee is considered to be a "yin" food, which means that it is believed to help balance the body by nourishing and moistening the internal organs. This is thought to be particularly beneficial for postpartum women, as they may be more prone to "yin" deficiency, which can manifest as fatigue, dryness, and other symptoms.

The long and slow process of soaking, rinsing then cooking the rice makes it not only easy to digest but also very hydrating for the postpartum mumma, making this a wonderful meal for postpartum recovery and supportive to improve overall health.

The ginger in the dish helps to reduce inflammation and improve digestion, while the shiitake mushrooms are rich in antioxidants with immune-boosting compounds. 

The gut-healing properties of bone broth are also very supportive for postpartum recovery, as well as for anyone feeling unwell. The amino acids and nutrients in bone broth help to support the health of the gut lining, improve digestion and boost the immune system ♡


• Filtered Spring Water

• Rice

• Bone Broth

• Shiitake Mushrooms

•.Baby Spinach 

• Ginger

• Miso

• Shallots

• Gomasio

• Celtic Salt

• Love ♡


The meals are delivered in glass jars which we ask to be returned every week so we can continue to re use the jars and avoid creating landfill ♡

 Please text us on 0490 098 730 to let us know when you're jars are ready for collection.

Please note: Introductory pricing will be maintained for subscription holders and all customers will be notified prior to any increases. Thank you for your understanding ♡

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