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Easy Low Tox Swaps ♡

September 09, 2022 3 min read

Easy Low Tox Swaps ♡

If removing toxins from your home and everyday life is all new to you I wanted to make a simple guide to help make it easier for your to transition to healthier and low tox options.

It is so comforting to see there are more and more companies showing up online with clean, cruelty free, no/ low tox cosmetic & household options, this is why I love online shopping. But IF, you prefer to shop in store, The Beauty Counter have created a super handy list called the ‘Never List’ that you can print off or save to your phone for easy reference.

Some chemical exposure is inevitable, but we DO have of control of our home environments, so why not make some small changes that actually create a HUGE impact on our health.

The pesticides that are sprayed on our agriculture are so pertinent in this day of age, so where you can, always opt for organic fruit and veg. Most wheat grown commercially in Australia is sprayed with Glyphosate and there is clear evidence now that there is a strong link between this spray and cancer. Buy only Certified Organic bread or opt for gluten free bread to avoid this unnecessary exposure.

The products that I use or have used below are based on my personal research and they are and my recommendations, purely to inform you of the options available. I have included the links to where I buy the products to make it even easier for you. I am not paid by the companies to promote their products, I have just used them and love them myself.

I have listed my favourite clean websites to shop below:



The Divine Company range is so great for my skin, the Cream Cleanser cleans off make up and oils whilst keeping in moisture and the Foaming Lactic Cleanser is brilliant for the gentle occasional peel.



I don’t wear make up often but when I do, I use either Inika or Zuui mineral power, Ere Perez under eye concealer & Nudus lipstick (the only Certified Organic Lipstick in the world).



Hubby loves the Black Chicken – Axilla Deodorant

Whereas I like to alternate between the above & the Crystal Deodorant Stone



For SLS & fluoride free options, the below are my favs!

Red Seal - Natural SLS Free Toothpaste

Real Purity - Wild Mint Toothpaste

Pure & Green Organics - Mint Toothpaste

Dr Brite - Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste


Be sure to purchase the SLS free toothpaste. According to the EWG, they have scored the overall hazard as low 1-2 depending on usage – but not great if kids are brushing and swallowing toothpaste!


I also prefer my toothpaste to not have any fluoride – here and here is a little information on fluoride for a point of reference and education.



I just use Dr Bronners Castille Soap and spice it up with some essential oils for extra life & cleaning power.

There are many places you can bulk buy your Castille Soap, I usually buy the Dr Bronners soap online and get the 3.78L bottle, lasts forever.

You can also buy your Castille Soap, shampoo and conditioner at Naked Foods and it's in bulk so you only pay for what you need ~ just BYO bottle or jar. On the 1st Monday of every month is when I go to Naked Foods as they have 20% off store wide.

Mum is a hairdresser and she always says it’s great for the hair to change it up every couple of months so I also alternate use of the Innersense Organic Shampoo & Conditioner

The below websites are my go to for low tox and clean shopping. Even though they all claim to be clean I still always reference to my 'Chemical Maze App' or 'Never List' just to be sure!








In love and health always ♡ Steph xx