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We LOVE creating nourishing goodness and filling all of our meals with SO much love ♡

All the food is 100% organic and plant based with the option to add meat at an extra cost. The postpartum menu includes bone broth* and ghee* with the option to sub for veggie broth & coconut oil. The Village Mumma's postpartum meals follow Ayurvedic & TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) guidelines and are specifically curated with particular spices to support the body in healing, rejuvenating, supporting blood building and restoring natural balance in the body postpartum.

Currently our pricing is as follows: For $235*, you will be getting 10 - 15 meals a week (1x 1L jar = 2 - 3 large meals per jar) so 5 jars a week, plus sides (i.e rice, dips, slaw etc) plus 2 snacks* (*snacks only in the postpartum package). Snacks available with everyday meal plans at an extra cost - coming soon! That's enough food to feed your family of 4 for 5 nights of the week, no hassle of prepping, cooking and cleaning**, just warm and enjoy that delicious organic nourishment and spend more time with your loved ones! ♡

Also, the meals are delivered in glass jars which we ask to be returned every week so we can continue to re use the jars and avoid creating landfill + see note below ♡ There is currently a $20 delivery fee to local Gold Coast area.

*Inclusive of once off fee of $20 (full serves) & $15 (half serves) for glass jars, on consecutive ordering, we issue a discount code to reduce your meals by $20 for full serves and $15 for half serves.

**Okay, so there's a tiny little bit of work rinsing the jars, but you can pop the jars in the dishwasher for a quick wash and when they are returned to us, they are steralised for re use! Yay, for healthy and nourishing food plus protecting our beautiful mother earth! ♡

Here is a sample everyday menu:

• Moroccan Chickpea Burgers with Harissa Mayo, Cabbage Slaw & Pickled Red Onion
• Coconut & Chilli Banana Blossom Curry with Rice
• Golden Lentil Dhal with Coriander Speckled Rice
• Creamy Mushroom Truffle Pasta (Gluten Free)
• Quinoa Tabbouleh, Green Falafels & Hummus

And this is a sample postpartum menu:

• First Days Spiced Congee
• Nourishing Rainbow Risotto
• Beetroot, Pumpkin & Hemp Soup
• Nourishing Veggie Coco Curry
• Calming Kitchari
• Creamy Vanilla Saffron Tapioca Pudding
• Healthy Snacking Carrot Cake

Please place your order here. We currently cook all the nourishment on a Monday. Please place orders by Sunday 3pm to ensure all the deliciousness is ready for pick up or delivery on Tuesday.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions either at help@thevillagemumma.com or via DM on Instagram. We look forward to nourishing you and your beautiful family ♡

Lots of love from our family to yours xx

*Please note, bone broth and ghee is the default base for postpartum meals, if you require the Vegan option, please place let us know in the comments section when ordering ♡