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My own pregnancy journeys have continuously led me towards so much personal growth and lessons learned, that pregnancy, birth and postpartum is not only a huge passion of mine but one that is SO important and not emphasised enough in the Western world. I have made it my mission to guide women to their innate wisdom and power through food and sharing information, stories and community..
When our son was born in 2018, as a new mumma, doing her best to nourish herself & newborn, I couldn't help but notice the lack of nourishing, organic and healing prepared meals for new mumma's in their 4th trimester. The first 40 days postpartum is such an imperative bonding and healing time, where we need to focus on us and our new babies. Not to mention if you already have a tribe in your home, having that important bonding time can be truly affected by the hungry demands of everyday life.
My love and passion for food started at a young age and I have ALWAYS loved hosting parties and cooking up a nourishing feast for family and friends. My family heritage is Greek Cypriot and I have always felt a deep connection to my elders of the villages in Cyprus and that strong connection to the land, food, family and community.

The Village Mumma is not just about filling bellies, it's about the journey of flavours, the nourishing of your soul, supporting you with information to make health conscious decisions in all aspects of life, the bringing together of people and most importantly supporting you in postpartum, parenting and life and guiding you on your pregnancy journey to trust your intuition and innate wisdom, your DEEP knowing that lives within us all.

The villages always have that mumma that they can turn to for nourishment and support and I feel honoured you have come to me to nourish and empower you and your family. Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey. I look forward to nourishing your bellies & souls!
We one; we are community; we are the village...
Lots of love, Steph xx